About us

At Beesbuzz studio, we believe there is ALWAYS a better way to design.
We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our clear mission is to create unique designs for everyone.
We focus on crafting simple, minimal and creative designs suitable for adults.
We design elegant, quality and must have Hoodies and T-shirts as well as many fancy cushions for your home sweet home.

Since a little kid, i always dreamt about crafting my own custom designs for clothing, fashionable T-SHIRTS, hoodies and more, the way i imagine and love..
So the decision was simple by just saying “This is it!”

Each design has it’s own identity, time of creation and all of them are connected with our BEE personality focusing on quality.
In each and every design, we put discreetly our logo as a signature.

Our Studio is located in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Limassol town.

Beesbuzz Studio,
Unique designs made with love and passion!

About us