About us

At Beesbuzz studio, we believe there is ALWAYS a better way to design.
We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our clear mission is to create unique designs for everyone.

We focus on crafting simple, minimal, and creative designs suitable for adults and kids.

We design elegant, quality, and must-have Hoodies and T-shirts as well as many fancy cushions for your home sweet home.
We also design stylish Backpacks, Posters, Home accessories, and Patches for your clothes.

What makes us unique is that we have our designs and always try to add something unique to stand out from the others!

Since a little kid, I always dreamt about crafting my custom designs for clothing, fashionable T-SHIRTS, Hoodies, and more, the way I imagine and love…
So the decision was simple by just saying “This is it!”

Each design has its own identity, time of creation, and all of them are connected with our BEE personality focusing on quality.
In each and every design, we put discreetly our logo as a signature.

Our Studio is located on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Limassol town.

Beesbuzz Studio,
Unique designs made with love and passion!

Printing Method

1st Method:

Direct to Film or DTF is a process that transfers prints onto fabric or other substrates using a heat-press mechanism.

The DTF printer technology can allow you to print easily on cotton, polyester, synthetic, or silk without any trouble. Plus, DTF printers can work on both dark and white fabric.

2nd Method: Heat transfer vinyl 

This method allows the designer to create unique layered designs using a specialized software program. Once the design is created, it is then cut through the material using a cut machine.

There are dozens of different colors available, as well as glitter, reflective, matte finish, flocked, or even unique patterns.

After the design is cut, there is a process called “weeding” whereby the areas of the design that do not represent the design are picked away from the transfer sheet and removed so that the intended design remains.  A heat press is then used to apply pressure and heat to the vinyl so that the material permanently adheres to the garment.


DTF printing


DTF printing


DTF printing


Heat Transfer Vinyl

heat trasfer

Locally Processed products

Some of our products have the label “Locally Processed”. This means that these products can be produced with free delivery only in Cyprus. We offer delivery at a flat fee of 5 euro for the rest of the world at most packages. Please add to the cart and complete your address for the calculation of the exact amount.

Custom designs

You can create your design by selecting the option “DESIGN YOUR OWN” option from our menu. You can select to customize Hoodies, T-shirts, Canvas Eco-Bags, and Clothing for kids by uploading your design or selecting any clip art or ready-made design we offer you.

Embroidery Patches for your clothes

You can create your own Hoodie, T-shirt, or Beanie selecting from a variety of our unique embroidery patches designs. We offer you high-quality patches, durable for washing, in different designs, placed at any place of your cloth you like.

You can find the designs and make an order from our Instagram page #beesbuzzzz

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